Citizen Participation

     The East Lyme RTC is committed to the full participation of all citizens in their government. Most fundamentally, we urge you to exercise your right to vote. Please see VOTING INFORMATION for details and official links about registration and voting, including absentee voting. 

     Elected as well as appointed officials represent you—your interests and concerns. Open meeting laws allow you to stay informed and to voice your thoughts and opinions. Local Board and Commission meetings are noticed on the Town website (, are open to the public, and are recorded by video and/or written minutes that you can later access. Most meetings allow direct public input. We encourage you to speak up! 

     If you would like to be directly involved in our RTC, community activities, or our 2023 campaign, please CONTACT US and let us know your interest. 

     Also, if you wish to make a financial contribution to our RTC to support our 2023 candidates, please see CONTRIBUTE information where you will be directed to contribute by mail using the downloadable form provided.