Our Mission

The East Lyme Republican Town Committee (RTC) is an organization of individuals with varying backgrounds and different political opinions who share their commitment to the East Lyme community to advance effective representative government. To this end, our RTC searches for and supports the election of qualified candidates for local and state office who support fundamental Republican principles outlined below. RTC membership, our candidates, as well as our elected officials are also committed to community engagement, always lending a hand where needed and as a result, better understanding challenges that may be best addressed by governmental action.

The business and challenges of government require elected officials to make appropriate, thoughtful, and effective decisions. Our RTC believes that possessing the qualities of competence and dedication to serving residents are absolutely necessary to this process. Through their education, work experience, and community involvement, each of our candidates and elected officials demonstrate a high degree of competence to hold the public office sought or elected to. In addition, dedication to service in the public interest, not self-interest, is an essential qualification that our candidates and office holders must have.

Our endorsed candidates and elected officials seek to ensure: